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Teocoyohuehualoyan- Jaguars place
  • Teocoyohuehualoyan- Jaguars place

    Artist: Ane Alfeiran

    Size: 18x23cm

    Medium: Acrylic on paper


    Year: 2020


    Teocoyohuehualoyan is the seventh level of the afterlife,
    A place where mythical jaguars live here, feeding on the hearts of the bravest. Yes, we know that your heart is important, but if you made it this far you probably don't need it anymore.

    From the series "Camino al Mictlan"
    -Mictlan is the underworld of Aztec mythology and consists of nine distinct levels. Aztecs believed that when we die, we travel through the various levels. Throughout this series, the artist explores the levels of Mictlan in the context of a number of existential questions such as Who are we? What Are we? Why are we? Where do we go? How do we get there?

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